WiMAX IP Network Design
WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access- IEEE 802.16) is a standards-based wireless technology (an implementation of 802.16: 802.16-2004 and 802.16e) that provides high-throughput broadband connections. WiMAX can be used for a number of applications, including "last mile" broadband connections, hotspot and cellular backhaul, and high-speed enterprise connectivity for businesses.
This course provides an overview of WiMax core network technologies and standards. Other important topics such as protocol layers, QoS, throughput, network planning, traffic engineering, testing and security are discussed.
After a general introduction to wireless networks, this practical course moves quickly into the WiMax (802.16-2004, 802.16e) core network planning, design, implementation, security, QoS and mobility issues. Real-world experiences through case studies and implementation tips located throughout the course reference material.
This program combines dynamic expert presentations, live discussions on real-life situations faced by participants, case studies and hands-on workshops adapted to the business and organizational realities of participants. Complete training material is provided to all participants for future references and follow-up action plans.
Course Objectives
This course provides the fundamental principles of WiMAX core network planning, design, traffic engineering and implementation. It provides the knowledge necessary to evaluate WiMAX core network solutions, network design associated with traffic engineering for TDM, VoIP, IPTV and broadband data.
After successfully completing the course the student will:
• Understand the basic concepts of 802.16-2004 and 802.16e access technologies
• Understand the technical implementation of different types of 802.16-2004 and 802.16e
• Provide an essential introduction to WiMAX current and emerging voice, data and video technologies
• Gain a general understanding of WiMAX network planning, coverage and capacity
• Explore the requirements and the actions to take for the WiMAX planning, design and deployment
• Explore the latest enabling technologies, such as voice characteristics, compression standards and quality of service (QoS) used in VoIP implementation of WiMAX
• Be able to select the most effective WiMAX core network type from a wide assortment of recent and emerging implementations
• Be able to perform a more efficient design and operational support of WiMAX core network  
Basic understanding of TDM and IP is networks is recommended  
Who Should Attend
Anyone who require knowledge of WiMax core network planning and design. Anyone who needs to implement a wireless extensions to an existing MAN-Network. Design engineers, Field engineers, Test engineers, software and hardware engineers will benefits from the workshops. Network managers and personnel responsible for core network planning, design traffic engineering and traffic management, and engineers and planners looking to complement their skill-set by gaining a sound understanding of WiMAX core network and traffic engineering concepts.
On-Site & Public
3 Days