CDMA Courses
CDMA Network Planning
This two-day course presents the network planning principles applicable to modern wireless RF systems and a thorough yet easy-to-follow introduction to CDMA and CDMA2000 network planning with its unique RF considerations. The course is an effective pathway for engineers and technical personnel from other backgrounds or technologies who want to come up to speed quickly in CDMA network planning and RF engineering.
This two day course is for anyone involved in the network deployment process that needs to learn about network planning principles as applied to CDMA networks.

At conclusion, participants should be familiar with the key principles of signal physics and interference principles, RF propagation in the wireless environment, antennas for wireless systems, traffic engineering and wireless capacity considerations, as well as the key operational and design issues of CDMA systems.
CDMA systems at both cellular and PCS frequencies

Network planning course will give the technical professional the required knowledge and background to perform RF network planning activities for a CDMA network. The course is intended for those individuals familiar with the CDMA Air Interface Standard, either IS-95 or cdma2000, but desiring to understand the basic concepts behind planning a CDMA and CDMA2000 1x network.

Topics covered:
• Link budgets
• Propagation models
• Traffic modeling
• A review of available network planning tools required to successfully plan a CDMA network
• PN planning
• Soft hand-off control
• Hard hand-off planning
• Packet zone planning and spectrum planning
• Site selection criteria.