Advanced Telecom Courses
Traffic Engineering Fundamentals
Good traffic engineering is not only an essential element of a network’s initial design but also critical to its smooth, ongoing operation.  The job of the engineer responsible for traffic on a mobile network has recently become more important as well as more complex.   Traffic is growing faster on mobile networks than on traditional, land line, fixed infrastructure networks.  This growth in mobility traffic is paralleled by the increasing growth and diversity of mobility based data applications and services along with a continuously changing subscribers’ services profile.   And, of course, any analysis of traffic over radio channels must also account for the radio related impacts to capacity which can be dynamic in nature.  

In this course, you will study traffic engineering from multiple angles including an overview of the various RF modulation techniques popular in commercial networks today, and how those modulation techniques impact available capacity.  Emphasis is placed on understanding the correct methodology to use for a particular service and achieving the highest level of utilization and efficiency without sacrificing the quality of service.   The course will not only arm you with a  good understanding of when to employ the appropriate Erlang or other traffic model, it will also give you a new level of sophistication in ensuring the quality of service (QoS) for your subscribers while maximizing the utility of our network.