Ericsson-AXE System Survey

The Course "Ericsson AXE Sstem Survey" will provide the students with an overview of the functions and services provided by AXE.

Course Objectives


On completion of this course the students will be able to:

Ø Describe the trends in current telecommunications

Ø Describe the main characteristics of AXE

Ø Describe the structure of AXE

Ø Describe the Control system in AXE

Ø Describe the APT 1.5

Ø Describe how the different HW versions cooperate with each other

Ø Describe the major product lines in AXE

Ø Illustrate traffic handling in AXE

Ø Describe how Operation and Maintenance is performed in AXE

Ø Describe briefly the procedures involved in marketing and design of AXE

Ø Explain the internet related applications using the AXE




The participants should have equivalent knowledge to the course:

Ø "Telecom ABC", or

Ø "Understanding the New Telecom"

Who Should Attend
The course is intended for all staff associated in any way with AXE. Marketing people can use this material to get a general knowledge about AXE. People working with operation, maintenance and testing can use the material in this course, to understand the basic AXE concepts.
On-Site & Public
5 Days