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Company Overview

For over 30 years, we have helped the most successful companies in the Middle East, Gulf and Africa close the gap between where their businesses need to go and the talent required to take them there. We provide high quality services to telecom regulators, operators, companies, and government agencies.

Our experience and expertise in the telecom services have been tested and proven with many leading operators and customers in the areas of training, consultancy and digital transformation.

We provide integrated training, consulting and innovative solutions focused on telecom operators and end users.


Training & Innovations

RegTone is a well known leader in linking innovative learning to strategic business objectives. Our innovative learning solutions help organizations effectively execute their business strategies by focusing on their most important asset: their people. We provide clients with practical and research-based advice and tailored programs that mobilize employees, accelerate business-initiative implementation, and improve agility.

Our Quote is "Innovate or Evaporate" !!!


Our consulting services help organizations change from the inside out. Our innovative consultants identify the potential locked within a client’s organization. We collaborate with clients to apply creative changes at the speed of business needs & technology transformations.

Our Quote is "Innovate or Evaporate" !!!

Digital Transformations

RegTone has prooved its digital transformation consultancy in requested services for operators to support end users. We can help business via innovation in technology, marketing, shifting operations models, and business elements to a strategic advanced level or upgrading for innovative strategies.

Our Quote is "Innovate or Evaporate" !!!


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