This course will give the trainer full information on all wireless up to date technologies, focusing on the 4G networks, and explicitly on the WiMAX technology. And is being tailored to all Telecom operators, who mare working in delivering NGN services for end users based on Fixed, Portable, and mobile services

Course Objectives

·  Understand essential WiMAX concepts and terminology.

·  Understand the features and benefits of WiMAX versus other mobile and wireless technologies.

·  Understand the applications of WiMAX networks.

·  Understand the distinctions between fixed and mobile network architectures and services.

·  Understand the distinctions between backhaul and access business cases.

·  Understand the distinctions between networks designed for business versus residential service.


A basic understanding of telecommunications and some wireless experience would be an advantage

Who Should Attend

Non-technical staff seeking an authoritative coverage of WiMAX network concepts and terminology with case studies, combined with a non-technical understanding of the planning, design and implementation issues for WiMAX networks.

On-Site & Public
2 Days