Synchronization Fundamentals
Timing and synchronization are critical in converging IP, Transmission (SONET/SDH), and Data Networks (ATM/TDM). This course provides a technical overview of the synchronization and introduces several key concepts in network synchronization. The course addresses the essential drivers of a synchronous network and the fundamental mechanisms and techniques that are invoked to understand, design, and operate a synchronous network.The "building blocks" of principles & best practices of synchronization in the telecom network are discussed in details
Course Objectives


After completing this course, students will be able to:

Ø Understand Synchronous Networks

Ø Review Fundamentals of Synchronization

Ø Explore Convergence of Data and Voice Networks

Ø Understand Voice & Data Synchronization Needs

Ø Understand SONET/SDH Network Elements

Ø Explore Synchronization Needs in Wireline and Wireless Networks

Ø Describe Buffers, Slips, and Pointers

Ø Review Synchronous Aspects of SONET/SDH

Ø Review Synchronous Aspects of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and VoIP  


Basic principles of SONET/SDH/ATM transmission systems  
Who Should Attend
Anyone who is interested in understanding synchronization and timing in telecom network, including technicians, engineers, operators, and sync managers.
On-Site & Public
2 Days