Telecom Leadership

Telecom Leadership Skills 2000 is an intensive course which addresses the key leadership challenges faced by telecom operators today. It enables an operator to equip their staff - independent of their level in the organization - with the skills, attitudes and realistic expectations to handle leadership challenges professionally and successfully.

Course Objectives


On completion of this course, the students will be able to:

Ø Clearly differentiate Leadership from Management

Ø Describe the most important characteristics of a strong leader

Ø Understand the key challenges associated with leadership



Who Should Attend

This course is aimed at staff at any level within an operator organization who supervise others and perform (or are expected to grow into) a leadership position whether business, customer service or technically oriented. We recommend that for each course participants are selected from the same level within the organization, such that issues can be addressed and facilitated appropriately.

On-Site & Public
2 Days