Switching Fundamentals
A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or a Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX - which is out of fashion since all modern day PBXs are automatic), is a phone switch serving a business or organization and is usually located on the organization's premises. The PBX provides phone services including internal calling, and access to the public switched telephone network. It allows a small number of outside lines to be shared among all of the people of the organization. Advanced PBX phone switches sometimes provide auto-attendant, voice-mail, and ACD (automatic call distribution) services for the organization.
Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the attendees will be able to:

Ø Have an overview for Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and Key Telephone System (KTS)

Ø Understanding PBX Systems and Technology

Ø Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and Key Telephone System (KTS) markets

Ø PBX market overview and descriptions

Ø Highlights and trends

Ø The transformation in PBX and KTS/Hybrid systems

Ø Traditional circuit-switched designs

Ø Packet-switched technology

Ø Major innovations, including the shift from analog to digital transmission and switching, the introduction of stored program-controlled PBX systems, and advances in KTS/Hybrid systems

Ø Residual value assessment for VoIP equipment

Ø Centrex services

Ø and more ...

Who Should Attend
This course is designed to provide a general overview for strategic or telecom managers, Datacom managers with responsibility for telecom, Call Center designers, consultants, communications professionals, software engineers, system engineers, network professionals, VoIP implementers, Network integrators, Product and service developers, Industry analysts, marketing and sales professional, IT professionals, and others who plan on using, evaluating or working with PBX products, applications and services as well as wholesale markets carriers and CLECs/ICPs/ISPs
On-site & Public
2 days