NGN Regulation Strategy

The NGN Regulation Strategy covers the following main areas:

Ø Introduction to Legacy Networks

Ø Overview of Wireless Networks

Ø Regulatory Principles

Ø Next Generation Networks

Ø NGN Numbering and ENum

Ø Migration from Legacy Networks to NGN

Ø Commercial & Business Issues

Ø Guidelines, Policy and Regulation

Ø NGN Service Costing

Course Objectives

Delegates at the NGN Regulation Strategy will benefit from the first-hand experience of senior technical, legal and operations executives. Communications sector regulation is rapidly changing: can you afford to be left behind?

Telecom Background 
Who Should Attend

Ø Senior staff with specific responsibility for the regulation of the telecommunications.

Ø Senior staff working within regulatory authorities or government departments with responsibility for Networks Operation, interconnection or regulatory affairs

Ø Business or regulatory affairs managers within incumbent or new-entrant telecommunications network operators or service providers.

Ø Lawyers working in government or telecommunication fields.

On-Site & Public
5 Days