Competition & Market Dominance Course
The Competition & Market Dominance Master Course is an ideal training resource for professionals involved in or wishing to learn more about the Competition & Market Dominance of communications networks.

The focus will cover technical, regulatory and commercial issues and will be particularly appropriate to commercial operators, competitive and incumbent, as well as to national regulatory authorities responsible for regulating these markets.
Course Objectives
The Competition & Market Dominance Master Course covers the following main areas:
• Introduction
• Benefits of Competitive Markets
• Economic Efficiency
• Perfect Competition
• Diminishing Return
• Minimum Efficient Scale
• Diseconomies of Scale
• Economies of Scope
• Analysis of Monopolies
• Barriers to Entry
• Price Discrimination
• CARTELS – Collusion Between Firms
• Contestable Markets
• Oligopoly
• European Competition Policy
• Government Regulation of Markets
• Market Definition Procedure
• Determination of SMP
• Regulations to be Applied to Providers with SMP
General telecom concepts.
Who Should Attend
The Competition & Market Dominance Master Course is of particular interest to a range of professionals working in the Telecom Sector for Governmental Authorities, Service Providers, and Regulator Bodies.
On-site & Public
2 days